Chickens, and Pigs, and Dairy Cows – OH MY!

Author: Sue Knott

Minnesota is home to a wide variety of agricultural animals that provide us with food and many other items we use every day! My daughters and I thought it would be fun to highlight two breakfast ideas that include products from three Minnesota-grown animals – chickens (eggs), pigs (Canadian bacon) and dairy cattle (cheese). We gathered these ingredients and were ready to try out some tasty recipes and use our new Egg Bites Maker and Breakfast Sandwich Maker. These kitchen gadgets are courtesy of my aunt Pat Schweitzer who works with Hamilton Beach as the consumer test kitchen manager.

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Garden Harvest – Cooking up tasty treats!

Author: Toni Dauwalter

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer!  If there is one positive to come from the summer of 2020, I would have to say that besides the extra time with the kids (most things cancelled) my garden is looking the best it ever has!  And I have been harvesting lots of yummy, fresh veggies for my family.  I would love to hear what you have been growing in your school and home gardens as well.  Please share in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section at the bottom!  We would LOVE to hear from you.

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Honey and Crops

Author: Wanda Patsche

Bees have always fascinated me. And because I love to learn more about the world around me, I wanted to learn more about the business of making honey. Hence, “making honey” is part of our current virtual ag tour. Along with honey, I also am intrigued by the ingenuity used by farmers on their crop farms. Not only learning how they use the newest technology, but also employing conservation practices which ultimately helps keep our soils healthy. On Tuesday, July 21 we will visit two sites. The first stop will be at the Mark and Sara Hewitt farm, located in Kilkenny MN, where they own an apiary and have a honey business, Sweet Cheeks Honey. Our second stop will be at the Bryan and Lauren Biegler farm located in Lake Wilson, MN where they grow corn and soybeans.

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Minnesota Trees and Timber

Author: Sarah Kuschel

I have lived my entire life in north central Minnesota and have been surrounded by trees.  Having our summer teacher tours affected by COVID-19 made us a little unsure of what route to take for the summer of 2020 and we decided to take a leap and try virtual tours hosted over five weeks. Each tour is led by a regional curriculum specialist highlighting a piece of Minnesota agriculture along with lesson plans to use with students this fall.  I took a moment to sit back and think about something that would be neat to showcase in my area and maybe easier to do when I didn’t need to get a charter bus onsite.  Minnesota logging is what came to mind, so next week’s tour is focusing on Minnesota trees and timber.

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Let’s Visit a Pig Farm and Make a Pig Barn!

Author: Wanda Patsche

Did you know that Minnesota raises a lot of pigs? It is the second largest state in pigs marketed. That’s right. Can you guess which state is number one? (Hint: the state directly south of Minnesota.)

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School Gardens

Author: Toni Dauwalter

SO much learning can happen in the school garden!  I love helping teachers connect standards to learning in the garden.  Often this is many students’ first experience with agriculture!  Teachers often are learning as they go too; it is an awesome thing for students to see that even their teacher gets to learn!  There are MAITC Regional Specialists all around the state that would be happy to connect you to quality lessons you can use in your school gardens.  We are by no means garden experts – we also are always learning!

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Author: Toni Dauwalter

Learn or Do Something NEW!

I LOVE learning!  And I LOVE nature, so becoming a ‘hobby’ beekeeper was a super fun learning experience I started a few years ago.  In that time I have learned SO much about the amazing BEE and I know that I still have LOTS more to learn.  Teachers have the power to influence their students to be curious and learn something new.  I hope as my own kids grow up, their curiosity continues to encourage them to ‘learn or do something new’ their whole life.

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Let’s Build a Calf – a Look at Genetics

Author: Sarah Kuschel

Have you ever wondered why you have black hair but your sibling has blond hair? My eyes are blue but my mom’s are brown – why is that? These same things happen with livestock. It is national beef month, so now is a perfect time to take a look at genetic traits in beef cattle with our Build-a-calf Workshop.

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