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  • Bees!
    I LOVE learning! And I LOVE nature, so becoming a ‘hobby’ beekeeper was a super fun learning experience I started a few years ago. In that time I have learned SO much about the amazing BEE and I know that I still have LOTS more to learn. Teachers have the power to influence their students to be curious and learn something new. I hope as my own kids grow up, their curiosity continues to encourage them to ‘learn or do something new’ their whole life.
  • Let’s Build a Calf – a Look at Genetics
    Have you ever wondered why you have black hair but your sibling has blond hair? My eyes are blue but my mom’s are brown – why is that? These same things happen with livestock. It is national beef month, so now is a perfect time to take a look at genetic traits in beef cattle with our Build-a-calf Workshop.
  • Journey 2050
    Journey 2050 takes middle and high school students on a virtual simulation that explores world food sustainability and answers the question above. The online program guides students through necessary instruction and allows students to make decisions on a virtual farm to witness their impact on society, the environment and the economy at a local and global scale.

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